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We offer our services since 1998. Our company connects sales, service and production activities. We think in a long term perspective and because of that we focus on a professional cooperation. All the time we try to develop ourselves. We offer our customers a wide spectrum of products and services. Our company sells tools produced by the well-known manufacturers:

3M Abicor Biczel A-MAG AEG ANDRE Archimedes Atlas Coco Baco Baildonit Bafana Bessy Bester Beta Bison Bial Bosch Ceramex Calma Collomix Comet Dolfamex Dormez Dremel Esab Facom Fanar Fatpol Fein Fenes Festool Fuji Gce Gedore Globus Guhhring Helios-Preisser Hitachi Horex Irwin Jango Jotkel Kemper Kempki Klingspor Knipex Koken Kres Ks-tools  Kużnia Lenox Lincoln Electric Lut-spaw Megater Menzer Matabo Metal weld Milwaukee Mitutoyo Norton Saint Gobain Pafana Prum Pferd Vsm Pomet Profix Proma Protool Proxxon Rais Rems Ruko Sandvik Coromant Spinani Skamet Skil Sola Stabila Stahwille Stanley Steinel Stihl Sumitomo Szczotpol Teka Tesa Wera Wiertła Baildon Wolfcraft Yato Zalco ZM Kolno Ściskpol

About company


We place a huge emphasis on a professional services, technical advices within choose and use of abrasive machines and materials.

We want to be a partner to all our consumers, a partner, who can understand their needs and fulfil them with a wide range of offered products and all in order to choose a tool with specified parameters that will be the best for each determined work. On customer’s request we can present and test an object. We offer warranty and non-warranty services.

Partnership program

This is a simple way to guarantee stable prices, favourable payment methods and punctuality of orders.

Let's be a partner

We offer our customers signing a cooperation contract.

Thanks to such contract inventory will be on a stable level and you will reduce your expanses.

Additionally, within such contract you will have an access to free tests of new products and tools.



54-613 Wrocław,
ul. Krzemieniecka 46


+48 71 796 70 70
Mobile +48 600 051 290
Mobile +48 604 232 036


+48 71 796 70 70
+48 71 796 70 71


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